This document contains information about license type and how to license Attackflow Community Edition product.

Attackflow Compact Edition has a yearly subscription license model. There is no project limitation in the scan module.

In the initial download of Attackflow, you will receive Attackflow Community Edition which has following several features are free;

  • Conducting a scan (with all languages are supported)
  • Investigate the scan results.

More professional features are available in the Attackflow Compact Edition. The following important auditing and reporting features will be activated after licensing;

  • Auditing found vulnerabilities in the Audit window (setting as Suppressed, Exploitable and False Positive)
  • Investigation of vulnerability details (description and mitigation).
  • Reporting entire scan with detailed filtering options in PDF and HTML formats.

There are 4 easy steps to license the Attackflow Compact Edition product;

  1. Purchase your product with yearly subscription from
  2. After downloading Attackflow Community Edition, mail your unique "Attackflow ID" number (can be found in Setting-License tab) to request the license to the
  3. You will receive your Attackflow Compact Edition license key.
  4. Copy your license key to the "License Key" field and click "Validate" button.

Then you should see Attackflow Compact Edition is registered inscription with expiration date information in the middle of the License tab.